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Trust and Estate Planning Las Vegas


When creating a financial plan for the future it is very important in my opinion to also plan for the unexpected. There aren’t many guarantees in life but as we all joke with the saying, the two guarantees are taxes and death! Even though this is said a lot of the times in a joking manner, these are real concerns for many people. You have worked your entire life accumulating the assets you have and you have the right to make sure your assets go to the next generation, charity, or whomever you have chosen with no headaches. This is where our Las Vegas Trust and Estate planning can help you.


The most basic estate planning tool is a will. In simple terms, a will allows a person to write down or speak their final wishes as to where and whom their assets are to go. The biggest problem with a will? A will goes through Probate and all assets become public information.


Probate is derived from the Latin language meaning to prove. This is exactly what a will is for, you must prove in court the legitimacy of the document. We recommend to anyone who owns a home and has some assets that they should get a Trust done. You should seek the advice of an attorney when setting up a trust too. We are happy to make a recommendation for a few different attorneys who specialize in drafting Trusts to help you with the process.


One common example of why a trust can be very important to have drafted is that many things we own do not allow you to have a beneficiary listed if you were to pass away. The most common asset you cannot put a beneficiary down for is a home. Owning your home in your family trust allows you to pass it along in the fashion you would like with avoiding the probate process for your family.

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