Social Security Planning


Are you getting the most from your social security benefits?

Social Security is a major source of income for retirees. There are numerous factors to consider when applying for your benefits. Everyone’s scenario is very unique and with some planning and calculating. We can help you make sure you maximize your social security benefit for yourself along with your spouse and family. There are over 2,000 claiming strategies, so it is important you get the result you need.

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Factors to consider when applying for your social security benefit:

  1. What is your Full Retirement Age?
  2. You have to know your numbers! Do you have 10 full years ( 40 quarters) of qualified work, and need to know your Primary Insurance amount (PIA). The can be accessed at the social security website
  3. Claiming early vs waiting, I can help explain the pros and cons

Some questions to determine How and When to Claim

  1. Will you continue to work after you claim Social Security?
  2. In relationship to your Full Retirement age, when do you and your spouse plan to start claiming
  3. Will your claim be based on your claim or your spouses?
  4. Should you change from receiving benefits based on your earnings or your spouses earning?
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independent financial advisor las vegas


Many baby boomers have come from humble beginnings and they worked hard their entire life building a nice nest egg and do not consider themselves wealthy. Many baby boomers just have the fear that they do not want their hard earned money to be used up before they die and they are very skeptical on who to trust with many recent scandals over the past few decades. Not even to mention the wild swings the market has experience the past 15 years has made it difficult for investors to want to allocate a large portion of their assets to the Stock Market. Your traditional Wealth Management customer may have an investment asset of 100k to 2 million, but this amount does not make the customer feel wealthy! For this reason alone many customers feel like they don’t have “enough” money to be a Wealth Management customer and feel they do not qualify for quality advice. In a nutshell, Wealth Management in my opinion is when a “qualified” financial advisor truly offers Full Financial Planning to their clients like we do at Link Financial Advisory in Las Vegas, NV and Missoula, MT.

There should not be a dollar amount associated with what is a Wealth Management client, but as the Financial Advisor you are your own business and have to choose what type of clients and assets size is appropriate for your business from a service level and profitability level. So before we begin our full definition of Wealth Management, I’ll explain “qualified” financial advisor.