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We pride ourselves on providing exceptional service to our Las Vegas and Missoula communities. That means we focus on doing business in a friendly, efficient, and effective way. Our work ethic drives us to go that extra mile to ensure the expectations of our advisors and their clients are being met. Link Financial Advisory is an independent financial firm which means our clients receive customized guidance based on their entire financial picture.


Richard London BFA™, CFP®

CEO & Founder


Prior to starting Link Financial Advisory, Richard worked as a financial advisor in the banking industry. Richard serves his clients as an independent financial advisor by providing customized financial strategies using an open architecture platform. What this means to his clients is Richard looks at their entire financial structure, goes out to the market and finds the best solutions and strategies in a tax efficient manner. 

Richard holds a Bachelor’s degree in Finance from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. He is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional and carries a Behavioral Financial Advisor (BFA) Designation. 

Richard grew up and resides in Las Vegas, Nevada, with his wife and their three children and is an active alumnus of Sigma Alpha Epsilon.

Favorite hobbies: CrossFit, Spartan race competitions, and Swimming.

Favorite sports team: Las Vegas Raiders

Favorite movie: The Pursuit of Happiness – Life is a journey of struggles. It’s how you react to many of life’s curveballs that defines you as a person personally and in business.

Jason Johnson

Financial Advisor


Jason has over 21 years in the financial industry. His passion continues to help his clients have peace of mind when it comes to their financial decisions, their goals, and protecting what is most important to them. Jason provides each of his clients with a strong foundation built on communication and trust that grows throughout the comprehensive planning process.

Jason has a Bachelor of Science degree from Penn State University and his MBA from the University of West Florida. Jason is a member of the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce as well as various other non-profit organizations within the Vegas valley. Jason grew up in Tampa, FL before finally settling down out here in Las Vegas with his beautiful wife and two wonderful daughters.

Favorite hobbies: Traveling, golfing, softball

Favorite sports team: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Favorite movie: Rudy. An inspiring story of a man who never gave up on his dreams to play football at Notre Dame no matter the challenges and adversity he had to overcome. Through passion, dedication, and perseverance – your dreams can become a reality.

Kimberly Matley-Threat

Office Manager and Client Service


Kimberly is the office manager for Link Financial Advisory. She is responsible for many tasks that keep our office organized. She handles client services for Richard and is an integral part of the financial planning team. Prior to joining Link Financial Advisory, she worked as an executive assistant for an international real estate and property developer.

Kimberly graduated from American Intercontinental University with an Associate in Business. Kimberly grew up in a military family and has traveled to and lived in various places. She has lived in Hawaii, Colorado, Germany, and Georgia. She now resides in Las Vegas, Nevada with her husband and son.

Favorite hobbies: Aside from spending time with my family, I enjoy making crafts, painting, writing, and reading. My absolute favorite thing to do is to curl up with a good piece of fiction—I enjoy reading everything, although I have a special place in my heart for fantasy and Sci-Fi novels. Having to travel so much when I was younger, I appreciate it best when I can explore other worlds and places without having to leave home.

Favorite sports team: I’m not really into sports but I support my husband in his love for soccer and Manchester City.

Favorite movie: Breakfast Club—Although it’s really hard to pick because there are so many movies I love. I have to say 80’s movies hold a majority of my favorites. I enjoy the nostalgia I feel when I watch a classic 80s flick, and I can appreciate the culture, music, and way of life of “back in the day.”


Graysen Vukasin

Financial Advisor

About Graysen

I grew up in small-town Havre, Montana loving the outdoors. My dad was in the financial industry growing so I had the advantage of early education of how money works. Those discussions served as my springboard into financial services. I now focus my skills and knowledge to assist others in achieving their maximum potential wealth and protection of that wealth.

I firmly believe that people do not need to be sold a product or put into a cookie-cutter financial plan. People need a strategy to reach their goals and they need an advisor that they can trust to be there as life changes and grows.

Whether you are buying your first home, preparing for retirement, or anything in between, Let me be your guide through this unfamiliar territory.

Prior to working in the financial industry. I worked my way up from sales to management at a large furniture retailer before switching careers into Financial services, an experience that has taught me the importance of discovering the client’s wants and goals. I earned my first securities license in 2018.

Outside of work I love being with my wife Kristin, our three kids, and our dog. I enjoy golfing, skiing, camping, and time on the lake with family and friends. I am a member of our local Rotary Club which is dedicated to improving our community, specifically by providing positive experiences to children in our local youth homes.

“Wealth is the ability to fully experience life” Henry David Thoreau

Let’s experience life to the fullest!

Robert Montes

Financial Advisor

About Robert

My Personal Story:

My journey in the financial services industry began in 2006 at the age of 19 as I began helping clients protect their family’s income with life insurance. In 2009 I completed my securities licensing exams and also began helping clients plan for their long-term goals through investment planning. In 2012, I decided to take a break from the investment industry as I felt called to serve our country by enlisting in the US Army. I spent 4 years in the special operations community as an infantryman with the 75th Ranger Regiment, 2nd Battalion, with whom I deployed to Afghanistan. Upon completing my 4-year army contract in 2016, I returned to the financial planning industry to continue helping others build long term plans with a focus on investment advisory services.

Goals & Commitments:

My focus with my clients is to help them develop a comprehensive financial plan that allows them to create and sustain multi-generational financial independence. I commit to taking an education-based approach with the firm belief that once someone has all the facts than they can make the best decision for their family. Helping my clients identify and clearly understand their unique goals, I work with them to leave no stone unturned regarding their financial planning needs. My commitment to getting the small details correct allows me to help clients accumulate assets, preserve wealth, protect their families, and manage their investments in a way that aligns with their personal and estate planning goals.

Ongoing service, communication, and education with my clients is key to the approach I take. As such, my commitment is that I will communicate with all my clients at least monthly. I will answer their calls in a timely manner and deal with issues promptly and directly. I will also meet face to face with all my advisory clients at least once per year to update their individual plan. My goal is to become an integral part of my client’s lives and provide advice that is invaluable to their overall financial success.

Mission Statement:

My mission is getting to know and understand your needs, wants, and long-term goals. My passion is to help you develop and implement a financial plan that’s tailored specifically to you. As a fiduciary and steward of the assets I manage, I am obligated to make recommendations based solely on what’s best for you. All of my energy, commitment, expertise, and efforts are focused on you, your goals, and your satisfaction.


Gregory Jackson

Financial Advisor


After graduating high school at age 17, I began working as an emergency medical technician (EMT). I worked in the emergency medical services industry for nine years providing emergency medical care to sick and injured patients. In 1988, I became a custody officer for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. I was responsible for supervising inmates while providing safety and security for them and all personnel staff. In August 1995, during my tenure with the Sheriff’s Department, I became a financial advisor. I have over 25 years of experience assisting clients in the areas of retirement, college and investment planning.

I have been married over 25 years. I have three sons and seven grandchildren.


As a financial advisor, I am committed to helping individuals and small businesses achieve their financial goals. My experience and financial insights are shared with you to help you address critical questions about investing.

Whether you are in the process of building wealth, near or already in retirement, I would like to have a conversation with you. I want to make your process more manageable. My approach considers various aspects of your financial life, starting with learning about you by:

  • Listening closely to you and learning what you value
  • Analyzing your current financial position
  • Determining your objective, time horizon and risk tolerance

I offer personalized advice and guidance to help you reach your financial goals. I will work with you to determine which investment strategy best fit your investment goals. Once your investment strategy is in place, I will help you keep track of your progress and will offer recommendations along the way when your life or goals change.

Mission Statement: My mission is to work with you on designing and implementing an investment strategy to support your investment goals. 

Favorite hobbies: Family Time, Basketball, Pickleball

Favorite sports team: Golden State Warriors

Favorite movie: The Way Back – Overcoming adversity is key to succeeding.

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