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When to Self-Insure

One reality of life is that risk is ever present. It exists in our commute to work, in our investment choices, and in our lifestyle decisions. Some risks can be transferred to an insurance company (e.g. auto or homeowners), while others we assume ourselves. When you choose to bear...

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Health Savings Accounts: For Today and Your Retirement Years

If you are not contributing to your health savings account (HSA), you miss out on a great way to save for health care expenses now and during retirement. HSAs allow you to save money tax-free through payroll deduction. Like traditional investments, some HSAs provide fund choices to increase accumulations With...

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Link Financial Advisory - Insurance Services in Las Vegas

Insurance Services in Las Vegas

INSURANCE IS A VALUABLE TOOL EVERYONE SHOULD CONSIDER In today’s world there are many uncertainties, but without being humorous, the one certainty we can rely on is each of us has a mortality schedule and will pass away. The hope for many is that we can live a full...

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Why and When is Insurance Appropriate? – Las Vegas, NV

The Role of Asset of Protection and Your Investments Protecting your assets is directly tied to protection of everything, including you, through insurance.  Without proper protection your investments and assets can face premature liquidation.  Insurance in its many forms serves to offset risk, whether it’s health insurance, home owners insurance, or any...

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