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How Technology Can Improve Your Financial Wellbeing in 2021

The coronavirus pandemic has motivated financial professionals to take full advantage of technology. Many of them are pairing various tech solutions with their unique human touch to help clients improve their financial well-being. So how can you, as a client, use similar technology to make a positive difference in your finances?...

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Homelife and Remote Work: The New Normal

If you are working from home and receiving a paycheck during this pandemic, consider yourself lucky despite your confinement to one place. Most of us haven’t had the experience of our personal and work lives forcibly intertwine due to a large-scale public health emergency. Remote work is not something...

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Privacy, Social Media and You

In April 2018 Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg’s admittance of Facebook user’s data used by Cambridge Analytica in our last presidential election has caused an emotional reaction in Americans and lawmakers alike.  Zuckerberg admitted that controls to prevent such a leak were not in place and that, he too, believes social...

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