A fixed rate annuity is a type of contract between you and an insurance company in which you invest a certain sum of capital and the insurance company offers benefits like safety to your principal and guaranteed rates of return. You also receive other benefits like the opportunity to annuitize the investment and receive a guaranteed income payout for a certain term or life.


3 YEAR · $100K Min.


5 YEAR · $100K Min.


9 YEAR · $100K Min.


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Richard London, Certified Financial Planner®
“Fixed annuities can sometimes offer higher guaranteed rates than comparable CDs. This could be a good CD alternative and another “safe bucket” investment. Many of the fixed annuity carriers we work with allow 10-15% withdrawals each year if needed for access to money with no penalty. Another advantage… Interest grows tax deferred until you make a withdrawal.”

The benefits of a fixed rate annuity

  • Safety

    Fixed annuities are contracts made between you and an insurance company. They are designed for people looking for no risk to their principal and guaranteed rates of return.

  • Tax Deferred

    Fixed annuities are a type of insurance and as such receive some of the same benefits as certain types of life insurance; being tax-deferred is one of those benefits.

  • Stable and Predictable Returns

    You will know the exact interest rate and value of your investment at the end of its term. As long as you do not make withdrawals then your returns are very predictable.

  • Inheritance

    Pass your money straight to your beneficiaries bypassing probate. The money from a fixed rate annuity is not considered part of your estate and therefore is excluded from the probate process.

  • Guaranteed Income Payments

    A fixed annuity can be annuitized at any time to generate a guaranteed monthly income for a specific time period or life.

  • Higher Return

    Typically, fixed rate annuities offer a higher rate of return than a CD.

Important things to consider

  • Withdrawal Penalties

    There is a 10% early withdrawal IRS penalty for people under the age of 59 & 1/2.

  • Income Taxes

    Regular income taxes are owed on money received from withdrawals or during the income stage.

  • Other factors may apply

    It is important to discuss all the details surrounding a fixed rate annuity before making the decision to invest. Your financial advisor can help you determine if this is a good investment vehicle for you.

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