About “Investment Advisors”


The biggest pitfall we’ve seen with clients working with other “Investment Advisors” is that they are limited to selling a particular family of funds or set of investment products.  In our opinion, being limited in this way means that those consultants do not truly have their client’s best interest in mind.

Furthermore, many large investment firms sell proprietary products which allow them to double-dip in fees.

If you are not able to discuss ALL of your options without bias, then how could you possibly be seeing the full picture when it comes to your assets and your financial future?

That’s Why We Strongly Recommend A 2nd Opinion From An INDEPENDENT Financial Firm

They are NOT constrained by any particular fund family or set of investment products. That means that you get CUSTOMIZED guidance based on your ENTIRE financial picture.

As fiduciaries, they are held to the highest standards of customer care. The result? A PERSONALRESPONSIVE, and LASTING relationship with your advisor.

Our Firm Is Different Than The Rest

Richard London, CFP® Professional & CEO, has built an INDEPENDENT Financial firm in Las Vegas. We are able to discuss a wide range of investment products catered specifically to YOUR financial picture.

We meet rigorous education and experience requirements and are held to the highest ethical and professional standards in the industry.

We don’t have proprietary products to sell. Many large investment firms load up their clients with proprietary products so they double dip in fees, not us. We just want to get our clients the BEST SOLUTIONS with NO BIAS or conflicts.

We will NEVER charge you for a consultation. You should not be penalized for wanting a second opinion and that’s why you’ll never be asked to pay-by-the-hour with us.

Get A Free Second Opinion And Start Looking At The Full Picture

Give our office a call and schedule a no-pressure consultation. We can meet in person or over the phone.