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Get CUSTOMIZED Guidance Based On Your ENTIRE Financial Picture From An INDEPENDENT Personal Financial Advisor In Las Vegas. Our wealth management group delivers ideas, product, and services that help maximize your financial potential.

As Certified Financial Planners in Las Vegas, we are held to the highest level of educational and ethical standards for financial advisors.

As premiere registered investment advisors in Las Vegas who are committed to serving the needs of high-income earners, we provide a wide range of customized financial strategies. We focus our time navigating our clients through their individualized personal needs offering unbiased and tailored advice.
CEO & Founder Richard London, CFP®

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personal financial advisor Las Vegas
registered investment advisor Las Vegas
personal financial advisor Las Vegas
certified financial advisor Las Vegas
registered investment advisor Las Vegas
personal financial advisor Las Vegas
certified financial advisor Las Vegas

Choose a personal financial advisor Las Vegas
who is focused on you

When choosing to work with a personal financial advisor Las Vegas there are many variables you need to consider. The biggest pitfall we have seen with clients working with other personal financial advisor Las Vegas is they aren’t focused on doing what is best for the client. The Las Vegas certified financial planners have their own agenda and sells a product to a client that didn’t fit the clients original objective.

This happens for numerous reasons but to name a few:

  1. The so called “personal financial advisor Las Vegas” may not be licensed to sell other products.
  2. The personal financial advisor Las Vegas may not understand other products to sell so they cannot offer a better solution.
  3. The financial advisor works in such wealth management group Las Vegas that don’t give advisor enough options to choose for clients.
  4. Many Las Vegas certified financial planners have a quota or looking to sell what may pad their pockets the most.
  5. The personal financial advisor Las Vegas doesn’t follow up or ever contact the client.

Your personal financial advisor Las Vegas must understand your finances

When working with a personal financial advisor Las Vegas he/she needs to fully understand your financial picture, if not it can result in more risk than you think.

Potential Risk:

  1. If personal financial advisor Las Vegas doesn’t understand the potential tax implications of certain investments, this may end up costing you more.
  2. If personal financial advisor Las Vegas doesn’t fully understand the product or solution they offer, you may run into issues later down the road when looking to make a withdrawal, etc…
  3. Assets need to be titled a certain way to avoid certain types of Risks and problems.
  4. Assets could be held incorrectly costing you money, time, and your beneficiaries huge problems.

We are personal financial advisor Las Vegas offering the right products and solutions for you

When you work with a Certified personal financial advisor Las Vegas, Nevada, you can have the peace of mind the advisor is well vetted and understands ALL the areas of financial planning. But beyond offering you the right solutions and best products a Certified Financial Planner has a duty to act ethical and this one of the pillars of a CFP.

We are an Independent, personal financial advisor Las Vegas. Working with us gives you great flexibility and peace of mind because we have access to more options than your Traditional Bank Financial Advisor or other similar institutions. We take the time to continuously educate ourselves with New Product Offerings, Market Trends, and Changes/Updates.

By being proactive we stay up to date on solutions we can strategically implement with you to build the right portfolio for you.

About Securities America

Link Financial Advisory utilizes Securities America as his brokerage firm. At Securities America, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional service. That means we focus on doing business in a friendly, efficient and effective way, and our Midwestern work ethic drives us to go that extra mile to ensure the expectations of our advisors and their clients are being met. With more than 2,000 financial professionals nationwide, everything we do revolves around helping them deliver the best financial products, services and financial counsel to their clients.

We believe the independent support provided by our financial professionals plays a vital role in people’s lives. We’re proud to foster that independence, and we’re passionate about providing user-friendly, customer-driven technology, professional development resources, and extraordinary service that allows our advisors to excel.

Securities America has been in the financial services business 30 years. Securities America, a wholly owned subsidiary of Ladenburg Thalmann Financial Services Inc. provides tremendous resources to their Independent advisors. Ladenburg Thalmann also owns Premier Trust. This allows Securities America advisors to utilize services of a Trust company and they have a local presence in Las Vegas making it very accommodative to Richard’s Trust clients and those relationships.

registered investment advisor Las Vegas
Life insurance Retirement Planning (LIRP)

Life Insurance can be an extremely powerful tool if used correctly. In the state of Nevada Life Insurance is Asset protected and Creditor protected against creditors. Life Insurance also has the capabilities to provide tax free growth and tax free withdrawals. With tax rates increasing this may be a strategy you should use for a portion of your income generating assets.

personal financial advisor Las Vegas
Term Insurance or Permanent Life Insurance

Link Financial Advisory has access to numerous Top Rated Insurance companies to shop for the best products and rates for your particular planning situation. This gives Link extreme flexibility to shop for the best Insurance Carrier for your specific needs. We work with the best and highest rated companies.

certified financial advisor Las Vegas
Tax Deferred Annuities

Annuities have a bad reputation, mainly because they have been sold without educating the client and have not been sold correctly. There are many different types of Annuities that may or may not fit your needs. Annuities just like Life Insurance provide Asset protection and Creditor Protection in the State of Nevada. We are an independent advisor, what that means to you is we have the capability to use the best products that are the best solutions for you. We are not a big institution or Bank who get kick backs from companies to push a certain product or company. For clients looking for guarantees not available in traditional investments Annuities may be a good solution for you. Annuities provide additional benefits such as tax deferred growth, guaranteed monthly income, and guaranteed death proceeds. In a volatile market Annuities could be a great solution for a portion of your assets. With tax rates increasing we have access to very low cost annuities to utilize the “tax shelter” to defer income. Please contact us for more information.

registered investment advisor Las Vegas
Managed Portfolio

We have an extensive background in Wealth Management. We have an expertise in managing client assets for different purposes. Some of the common scenarios are income planning, retirement planning, tax managed portfolios, conservative growth, achieving higher yields in a low yield environment, social security optimization planning, and risk management. Our biggest advantage is we have options. We have numerous options that are custom to your needs. We do not sell proprietary mutual funds, we truly look for the best solution for your objective. Many Las Vegas financial advisors out in the market place sell portfolios managed and created by their firm so they may participate in earning additional fees when there are truly better options available out there. We take a non-biased approach and put your needs first.

personal financial advisor Las Vegas
Se habla español

We offer bi-lingual services for our Spanish speaking clients.

certified financial advisor Las Vegas

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