Structured Installment Sale

When you receive a large lump sum from selling a business or real estate property, there can be significant tax implications. We have a solution that helps reduce the tax burden on proceeds from a sale and provides a guaranteed stream of income.

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The Structured Installment Sale

This is a type of annuity that allows a seller to defer potentially large capital gains taxes. Then, secure a guaranteed stream of income through installment payments over time.


  • Defer Capital Gains Taxes
  • Proceeds are converted into a guaranteed income stream that’s immune to market volatility
  • Payments are secured by a financially sound and trusted company

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A Case Example for the Sale of A Business

A Structured Installment Sale can help you defer all or a portion of your capital gains by giving you the option to turn the proceeds into a protected stream of income. You only pay taxes on the income for the year the proceeds are received which may decrease the total taxes on the sale.

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