When it comes time to make an investment into your future, it’s important to understand all of the options available to you. Whether you are starting a new business, getting married, or going through some other major life event, using a portfolio line of credit may be a good funding source. There are several excellent benefits to using this type of LOC, some of which we highlight here. However, with all major financial decisions, it is important to weigh your options and make an educated decision.

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Richard London, Certified Financial Planner®
“A portfolio or investment line of credit is a good alternative to get access to short term capital without having to sell your investments so you can continue to allow your money to ‘work’ for you while avoiding triggering potential tax liabilities.”

Important questions to consider

  • Can your advisor give you a line of credit on your investment portfolio?

    Many financial firms do offer this service, but there may be different benefits such as:

    How low of an interest rate does your advisor have access to?

    How simple is the underwriting process?

    How long do you have to wait in order to receive your funds? 

    As an independent financial advisory, we have access to a lot of different options. We can help find the lowest interest rates available. Our independence also grants us the ability to make your underwriting process as simple as possible.

  • Is your current line of credit interest too high?

    We may be able to help you refinance your existing LOC to get a lower interest rate and possibly advance more funds. The savings in interest could add thousands back into your pocket.

  • What are the tax implications?

    Depending on how your portfolio is currently structured, you may need to rebalance it as to not trigger certain tax implications.

  • How can I use the loan?

    It is important to understand what regulations are in place before you make a decision. Link financial Advisory has resources to help clients obtain a line of credit for short-term purposes. We do not make recommendations toward nor assist in obtaining lines of credit for the purposes of purchasing, trading, or carrying securities and investments.

The benefits of a portfolio line of credit

  • Interest rates are usually much lower than other loan options

    Those saved percentage points add up over time. Make your money go farther by taking advantage of a low-interest rate.

  • No Fees

    As an independent firm, we are not obligated to charge you unnecessary fees.

  • A simple underwriting process

    Set up the loan and get your money quickly. We are usually able to complete the entire process within 2 weeks.

  • Make the choice between multiple platforms

    Find the right benefits for you. We have access to different platforms and can walk you through all the details.

  • Increase your credit line over time

    Once you pay off a LOC, we can help you get a larger balance to use next time.

What does a portfolio line of credit look like for you? Get answers from an actual advisor.

We’re usually able to respond within 1-2 business days. If you’d like an immediate answer, please give our office a call.

If you’d like to set aside more time or are looking for a more personal approach, please set up a free consultation

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