Here’s why you’re probably not getting the full picture from your current financial consultant

  • They Are Limited To A Particular Family of Funds

    As a result, you end up getting “sold” investment products.

  • Many Large Firms Sell ‘Propriety Products’

    Which allow advisors to double-dip in fees.

  • They Don’t Truly Have Your Best Interests In Mind

    An advisor coming to the table with a bias means that you’re not being shown all of your options.

How an INDEPENDENT financial consultant is different

  • You Get CUSTOMIZED Guidance Based On Your ENTIRE Financial Picture

    An independent advisor is NOT limited to any particular set of investment products.

  • You Build A PERSONAL, RESPONSIVE, and LASTING relationship with your advisor

    As fiduciaries, independent financial advisors are held to the highest levels of customer care.

  • You Get To See The Entire Picture

    In order to be able to discuss a wide variety of investment options, independent financial advisors must meet rigorous educational and ethical standards.

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