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Get a $25 Gift Card to Whole Foods
Whether We Work Together or NOT!*

As a business owner in Las Vegas, I understand the need for skin the game. This is my way of showing how committed I am to serving the needs of high net worth clients in Nevada.

My office provides a wide range of customized financial strategies including trust and estate services, brokerage and insurance services, investment strategy, investment management, wealth management as well as retirement and tax planning.

During our session you’ll receive:
A side-by-side comparison of account types
Unbiased & tailored strategies
A personalized risk analysis
An overview analysis of your portfolio
Answers to all your questions about fees, taxes, and more…

Once the session is over, you’ll receive your $25 gift card, whether we decide to work together or not! 

*Must have at least $200,000 in investable assets in order to qualify for gift. Limited gift card availability; if advertised gift card type is not available then another gift card type may be substituted. 

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