Why The Name, Link Financial Advisory?

Our mission is to give you truly good advice that is focused on building and protecting your wealth for you and your family. To accomplish this goal we are committed to collaborating with other financial and business professionals in your life like your Tax Accountant and Attorney. We believe that our focus on “Linking” all of the aspects of your financial plan together is what will help you achieve your goals and what sets us apart as a financial firm.

Wealth Management & Financial Planning

Tax Efficient Investing | Retirement Savings & Income Planning | IRA’s | 401K’s | Rollovers | Employee Benefit Plans

As individuals, families, and businesses have had to evolve in this ever changing world so have the professionals who help them. Financial advisors today need to be up to date with the latest options, understand the different options available, have numerous strategies to imply and a well thought out implementation process needed to give sound advice. To help you visualize and keep track of their entire financial picture, we offer a FREE tool that allows you to create your own financial website.

Risk Management

Life Insurance | Disability | Annuities | Estate Planning | Trusts | Wills

Risk Management is an essential part of the financial planning equation. As a wise investor, you know that planning for the future involves understanding potential pitfalls that may lead to long term distribution of the assets you’ve worked hard to obtain. Our mission is to help you ensure those assets by working with you, insurance specialists, and attorneys to formulate a comprehensive risk management plan.


Flexibility | Options | Honesty

We are an Independent, Las Vegas Financial Advisor. Working with us gives you great flexibility and peace of mind because we have access to more options than your Traditional Bank Financial Advisor or other similar institutions. We take the time to continuously educate ourselves with New Product Offerings, Market Trends, and Changes/Updates.

Founder: Richard London, CFP® Professional

Knowledge | Content | Trust | Technology

In order to receive such a classification, a financial advisor must meet rigorous education and experience requirements. Mr. London founded the firm and holds it’s members to the highest ethical and professional standards in the industry. In addition to our certification, we are proud of our dedication to providing our clients with the most cutting edge industry knowledge and technology.

Richard London CFP

September 2015 Newsletter

Fueling Financial Errors Finance in general has been based on rational and logical theories, and for the most part tends to be somewhat ‘predictable’. Financial theories assume that people behave rationally and predictably, and that outside factors and emotions do not influence people when it comes to making financial decisions. The fact is, people do […]

Richard London CFP

August 2015 Newsletter

Investor Identity Crisis Hearing the term ‘identity crisis’ can lead to thoughts of confusion, questioning decisions, or changes in behavior that can be good or bad. As an investor, you can have an ‘identity crisis’ by not fully thinking about what you want and how you will react to changes. You need to know yourself […]

Richard London CFP

July 2015 Newsletter

Adult to Adult: Talking to Your Parents About Their Money Having the ‘money talk’ either happens at the ‘wrong time’, or can easily be put off because the generations feel differently about the ‘right time’. Regardless of opinion, having a talk with your parents (or children) is something that is necessary and should occur occasionally. […]

Richard London CFP

June 2015 Newsletter

The Empty Nest Syndrome Empty Nest Syndrome: is a feeling of grief and loneliness parents or guardians may feel when their children leave home for the first time, such as to live on their own or to attend a college or university. It is not a clinical condition. -Wikipedia. This is the time of year […]